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What We Do at DreamSmart LifePrep Academy™

DreamSmart LifePrep Academy (DSPLA) Offers
A Disruptive, Innovative, Inclusive, Transformative Learning Experience

Why a World Class Curriculum is Important to Your City

What Worked A Few Years Ago Doesn't Work Today

Our Why - Trauma in America’s Families, Schools, Community-Based Organizations & Businesses Must Be Addressed and Fixed

World-Class Education Consultants & Technology Partners

Early Childhood Literacy

Video-Based Mentoring

Behavioral Intelligence



Assessment-Based SEL


Coaching and


We're Rooted In The Community

Our Awards and Recognition

  • The White House – Presidential Citizens Medal Award, Finalist
  • San Diego Business Journal – CEO of the Year Award, Finalist
  • San Diego Business Journal – The Healthiest Companies in San Diego, Finalist - 2011 & 2012
  • The Classy Awards – Small Charity of the Year Award, Finalist
  • California State Assembly – Community Service Award Proclamation Recipient
  • KPBS & Union Bank Heroes Award, Finalist
  • America’s Business Excellence Award, Finalis
  • Financial Planning Magazine & The Foundation for Financial Planning – National Pro Bono Team Award

About Us

Our Story: SpendSmart.org – Chapter I

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What Is DreamSmart LifePrep Academy?

DreamSmart LifePrep Academy: Mission  -  Vision  -  Purpose

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"We believe that all children, families, students, and communities deserve the option and opportunity to access the “best fit” education and life prep experiences for their child(ren).

We’re seeking to partner with advocates for children, families, and their community.

If you’re seeking to be a part of an endeavor that will show measurable academic, social-emotional, communications, and resiliency success, then we want you to partner with us.

We’re seeking those that would like to be considered to serve on our local Board of Directors, our National Advisory Board, or as an Advisor & Advocate.

Please contact us for more information.”

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“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

Marie Curie

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